This Earthly Plane

This earthly plane on which we mere subside,
Seems other worldly, wistfully serene,
A plane between where sky and sea collide,
Where humankind do live and dare to dream.

Is earth a conjured backdrop for our schemes?
We know it’s mere a sphere amid the vast
of deep, dark space; yet more than it may seem,
Especially when morning breaks, at last.

Midst golden rays we waken from our fast,
The night has been too long, too long we slept,
The world kept turning, as our dreams amassed,
Now we seize the dawn; bright, golden-flecked.

It’s still a mystery – from whence we’ve come,
Ne’er mind, we’ll glory in the rising sun.


The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Photo Friday: #Bright

4 Comments on “This Earthly Plane

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  3. Beautiful! I see a lion’s face in the yellowish tree directly across the structure on the pier. What a fun surprise! 😉 xoxoM


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