Shore Lines of Sight

Two shorelines clinging close to “Brightwood” lake,
And wait so I may choose which path to take,
For on the left a fisher-person’s dream,
Sure footing, toss my line into the stream,
But on the right a picnic spot awaits,
And marshy coves where ducklings paddle straits,
Yet Frost reminds, “I’ve promises to keep,”
And splintered bridge bades: “Look before you leap!”




Photo101, Day Three: Water & Orientation

9 Comments on “Shore Lines of Sight

    • So do I – this lake changes with every season, as you might expect, and it is difficult to decide which is my favorite. Even in winter the setting sun casts a gold hue on everything, including the reflections. Thank you for commenting!

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  1. I love the way that the shore from the foreground curves out to the left and then swoops back in to the background!


    • So do I – and thank you for appreciating it as I did. I am always fascinated by taking wide angle vs. portrait or simple landscape shots. They all look beautiful to me but each offers a unique perspective. Thank you for your comment.

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