Lament for a Letterbox

The path is straight, no risk of straying far
‘tween fence ‘long-side and safety strip of green,
An arrow points to town, but here I stay,
Content meander round this ‘hood, my scene.
I see the handprints molded ‘long the way,
’t was years ago those children fought for space,
Today they’re off to college or to play,
and life goes on, it thrives, as crosswalks gleam.
The letter box no longer stands as guard,
And speeding cars now steer, oblivious
to walkers too pedestrian to be seen.
Yet we don’t lose our way, we take our walk,
Protected on the right and from the left,
This our lovely corner of the street,
We stroll with doggie nipping at our feet.


Photo101: Day 2 – Street


2 Comments on “Lament for a Letterbox

  1. What a great photo, I love the idea of it. The times have changed , yet remain the same, I see in this photo. It’s so sad, but about moving on I guess. Thanks for sharing


    • yes – that rickety old mailbox sat on that corner since i can remember but it has been removed. Just as was the mailbox on Northfield, which you noted for us the very first time we visited your home so many years ago (the first right after the mailbox…)Remember?


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