Sunset on The Seven Seas

At the end of the day, we return to our haven,
At the end of the day, we slip flip-flops aside,
Breathe a sigh of relief and, exhausted, meander
through lush greens of our “Village”, drawn near lagoon-side.

At the end of this day, boys are droopy and weary,
At the end of this day, we share stories of rides,
With prized gifts from “A. Kingdom” where wild beasts are roaming,
And a new deck of cards (slights of hand in our sights).

At the end of our day, skies turn blue-gold and fiery,
At the end of our day at “The Poly”, we sigh,
Watching families unwinding, barefooted and nestled
on beach towels, awaiting the boat show that’s nigh.

As the sun sinks away we rejoin, count our blessings,
Filled with “Wishes” of dreams in the songs that we tell,
At the end of our day, resting heads on soft pillows,
In our piece of the “World”, we’re at peace, all is well.

Photo Friday: The End of The Day

5 Comments on “Sunset on The Seven Seas

  1. Love the photo. It would make a great mural. Glad you’re enjoying time with the family. Best regards,.


    • It is lovely here! People don’t understand that to us, Disneyworld is so much more than rides and activity…it is a true escape to our Polynesian Village, where we’ve been coming since the late seventies, first with our kids, and now their boys!

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      • went to dinner there once..never stayed there..sounds fabulous and the photo is gorgeous! 🌴


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