Keys to The Kingdom

Recalling years when keys were cut from brass,
And Sunset Point was young, an unpaved hill,
We’d, hand in hand, go claim our piece of grass,
From which to view the evening’s bright playbill.

The Polynesian Village draws us still,
Though through the seasons of our lives we’ve grown,
Then brass gave way to shiny, plastic shill,
With which we accessed parks and went ‘Downtown’.

Technology now back-fills all we’d known,
As bright, new wristlets track our every move,
They’re entry keys, ‘fast’ passes, cash on loan,
And each may choose the shade that suits their groove.

‘Hidden Mickey’ and new ‘Magic Bands’,
Symbolic of our family summer plans.


6 Comments on “Keys to The Kingdom

    • They really just slip on the wrist and are very comfortable. In the photo two of us removed them to split the check💰 close-ups without perspective can be deceptive.


  1. While we like the convenience of electronic wrist bands (we use at our timeshare and some all-inclusive resorts), they can be annoying when they get in the way if they cant be taken off. Can’t tell if these are easily removable. They look a bit large and might interfere with beach activities – tanning, swimming, etc.

    I also have mixed feelings about their ability to track you (sometime you may want privacy?) but I see the advantage if your kids are lost.

    Problem with some new technology is that most corporations find ways to subvert the benefit for themselves – marketing information, etc.

    Having said that, have a great time at your annual adventure. I enjoy reading your posts and your well framed photography.


    • Hey, Lud! They are very easily removable, like belt with pegs. I don’t know for sure if they can track you with the wristlets but they certainly are used for everything else! Money need not be considered (therein lies a problem – something about CASH that triggers an immediate brain response). That said, it is a lot easier than keeping track of the Park-hopper passes and charge cards they used to use. Once, Stephanie dropped hers not the water at the “Small World attraction” and it took several guys with pincers at the end of poles to retrieve it. This way, the boys can run up and down the halls and back and forth to the room without asking “Who has a key?” First, to the Berkshires next week for my singing retreat (I opted for Duke Ellington week as a bit of a change from the usual classical fare), then back home to pack for WDW. Thanks for stopping by and for ‘enjoying’ the posts and photography. I hope all is well with you, knowing it it’s been a difficult year for you. As always, positive thoughts and good wishes are sent your way!


  2. What a beautiful post! I recognize the bands–we are about to spend a family weekend there but alas! our bands will have to be gray…we didn’t choose a color…your skill as a poet is phenomenal! Enjoyed very much.


    • These were our bands from last year, as we paid for lunch at Rose and Crown. Our new ones just arrived for our upcoming trip in August. The grandkids get so excited, just as our children did when keys were made of brass. Thanks for commenting, and have a great trip. By the way, once you get there, you may be able to switch to colored bands. Last year we switched a couple out. Enjoy!

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