When first I contemplated which photo to post in response to the Photo Friday prompt, “Patterns“, I immediately thought of the many knitting patterns that I’ve used, in creating beautiful handmade gifts; until I remembered this shot, taken a few weeks ago, of the Aqualina Hotel in Sunny Isles, Florida,

The sunrise was spectacular on that glorious morning and, once the vibrant drama rising out of the ocean had subsided, I turned away from the sudsy shoreline and diving pelicans and trudged through the cool grains of sand towards the foot shower.

My sacrosanct sunrise ritual had been concluded for that morning, when I looked up at the well-crafted, artsy facade of the hotel. I was stunned by the beauty and simple complexity of the architectural patterns, glistening in the golden rays of the sun.  It loomed tall, against the starkly contrasted, brilliant blue of wispy-clouded sky, and seemed to nearly disappear to a single point in the heavens, given my perspective from terra firma.

I stood in awe of the dramatic scene that I’d ignored for the previous hour, and then took this picture.

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