Pausing for a second at the door,
Out corner of my eye, motion in the snow,
I stay to watch, foregoing busy chores,
The foraging of fawns and bucks and doe.

Bearing silent witness to their show
at times, I’m blessed to catch a glimpse, unseen,
My Holly bush will (none the worse) still grow,
And their nib-nibblings won’t the shrub demean.

This forest denizen has been
through something, I cannot begin to know,
A lonely antler growing strong and lean,
Perhaps the other lost to stronger foe.

Ephemeral though, my opportunity,
A moment more, and they’ll in transit be.


Written in response to The Weekly Photo Challenge:Ephemeral.

Other entries in this challenge can be found at the follow link – https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/ephemeral/

6 Comments on “Ephemeral

    • The trick is that I wake up too early – earlier than most of the family and that is when I pick up my iPad and ‘doodle’. Once the day is in full swing, it is difficult to get the alone time and the inspiration needed. Besides, it’s not how quickly you can write, but rather how, when the spirit moves you, you are able to express what is in your heart. Thank you for your comment.


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