Night Vision


Stark dreams that come (un-asked for) in my sleep,
Disturb my psyche, cause my soul to burn,
Searing my distress, though buried deep,
Predicting days ahead, doubt’s wild return.

I am alarmed, I wake, I toss and turn,
Attempt to understand the tongues they speak,
Their powers, silent, send their message stern,
And, in the end, I sense a future bleak.

The howling wind above the mansard creaks,
As sound track to my nightmares, darkly gray,
Beginnings of misgivings, havoc wreaked,
Shatter solace, since I’ve feet of clay.

Sleep makes space for souls and spirits tell
Angels, demons both may cast their spell.



Wordle #204: through, am, clay, burns, wild, tongues, dream, beginnings, powers, end, stolen, sleep

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