Depth of Field, A Gallery of Favorites

A gallery of my photographs that utilize depth of field to focus on and accentuate the subject.  From macro shots of flowers in bloom, blurring surrounding foliage and contrasting vines into the background, to goldfinch pairs busily attacking a backyard feed, and finally to a hand crafted wind chime, hanging  at the museum in Caguas, PR.; the composition of each photo calls the viewers attention, intentionally, to the photographer’s chosen subject.

My personal favorites are the delicate fawn who looked up at me in awe, and I…in awe of her almost didn’t click the shutter; and of course my Bandit, an inquisitive and mischievous Cavelier King Charles Spanieal, who with a tilt of his head responds to my prompts.

Ironically, though the foreground or subject are in sharp focus, they are made more beautiful and dramatic when seen against the backdrop of the softer, less focused surroundings.

There is a life lesson in there somewhere, perhaps a post for another day!

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