Pastorale (Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!)



It was a sun-soaked, May afternoon, as we sped from Avignon to Paris, and were treated to seemingly, unending views of verdant pastures, whizzing by like freeze frames from the window of our TGV.

I suspect, that to many of our fellow travelers, the expansive vistas  and intense colors soon became repetitive and uninspiring; but to this ‘poet-behind-a-camera-lens’, each scene seemed more lovely than the last, and an imagined backdrop of a fantastic adventure in rural France.

This frame, inspired me to ponder ‘l’auto noir’, motoring languorously on an otherwise, deserted country road, between fields of goldenrod, spread out like plush carpet, and tree-scaped, verdant hillsides. Where was it going! Where had it been? Who were the occupants?  They could be young lovers, a family of three, or a recently retired couple (like us), visiting La Belle France on holiday.

I envisioned a bottle of ‘vin rouge’, a chunk of goat cheese, and a crispy baguette, nestled together in a wicker basket on the rear seat, aside a carefully-folded woven Provençal fabric, destined to become a picnic blanket.

This is only one scene of the hundreds that I captured on that journey, each of which could be inspiration for a short story or longer work of fiction. My preference, though, would be to return and become the protagonists of an adventure of our own, perhaps on that very road as we meander through the pastoral  countryside, through little towns, on roads, dotted with farm stands and family vineyards. Perhaps, next time!


The WordPress Weekly photo Challenge offered this compelling theme: “Adventure!”

“Whether your own or someone else’s, literal or figurative, take us on a photographic adventure.

This week, share a photo that says “adventure.” It could be an image of someone setting off on an epic journey, a photo you took on an adventure of your own, or something more metaphoric that represents a personal or psychological adventure. We’re excited to see where you’ll take us.”




Weekly Photo Challenge

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