Secret Sanctum


Was barely eight when first I found,

This hidden hollow for my sticks and stones,

and hunted sea glass; from the world around,

I never tired, in this blissful zone.


One day, flamboyant, signaling sound disclosed,

Irritated first, I watched, transformed anew,

The sunny, sheltered space, now changed, transposed

by vine-like, jumbled stems, a nest or two!


I saw my treasures still ‘neath stained green-blue

of mossy beds and tangled, twisted roots,

my point; save chirping birds from tumbling through,

I protecting, guarding, in cahoots.


My life-long appetite for birding shared (at last)

with grandsons, knighted sentries: Torch now passed.


This was written in response to the Wordle below. However, I was inspired by the exquisite joy I feel as a grandmother, when  sharing the simple memories of my childhood (like a secret treasure hole in an old tree trunk) with them and see again, through their eyes,once  the wonder of discovery and adventure that I once felt.  I pass my  loving torch to them each day, through small moments such as these.


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