“Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry”


As I peruse my vacation photos from last year I pause at this one, the personification of this week’s Photo Friday theme: SUNLIGHT.

Anticipation, mixed with a healthy dose of nostalgia, overwhelms me, as I know our first-floor, lagoon-view, room has been forever changed by the construction of DVC Villas directly in front of ‘our rooms’.

So I will languish a little longer amidst the happy memories that this picture evokes:

  • Of steamy mornings when patio doors are dripping with condensation
  • Of slipping through and behind the blackout drapes and heavy sliders to emerge into the blinding, golden dawn
  • Of barefoot meanderings across dewy grass, grainy sand and lava paths, up to ‘Sunset Pointe’ to catch the Sunrise
  • Of the renewing silence that precedes the fun-filled frolicking, typical day at WDW and The Polynesian Resort
  • Of seeing signs of life back on my patio, where grandsons and Grandpa gather for breakfast
  • Of boxes of donuts, fruit bowls, Cheerios and coffee secured from the ‘kitchen’ (aka The Poly’s Concierge Lounge)
  • Of greeting each family member as they, too, wipe the sleep from their eyes to convene on the patio to plan the day’s activities
  • Of ‘sunshine-in-your-eyes’ promises to reconnect (like homing pigeons), here on this patio, regardless of diverging day’s adventures
  • Of looking forward to the ‘new’ Poly, and forging new traditions.

John Denver was right : “Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry!”





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