Green Dream-scapes


Our times were strewn with rolling dunes of green,
And in the grey-between the castle stood,
A beacon, calling all to join the scene,
To marvel at the place where we oft stood.

Each sunrise morn awakened us, like food
for soul, though sleepy-eyed, we seized the day,
Preparing ‘Fast-pass’ strategies, our brood
would gayly ravage donut-laden trays.

As sun rose higher in the sky, we played
until our legs could carry us no more,
Well spent, relaxing, frazzled from the fray,
We’d regroup here, at last, upon our shore.

At darkness, we would gather close to share
Our dreamscape memories, beyond compare.


This photograph beautifully emphasizes the lush greenness of the Polynesian resort lagoon-view, despite the slate-grey, cloud-filled skies and glistening, lava-rock paths. I selected it in response to this week’s Photo Friday theme: GREEN. However, in the run up to our annual WDW vacation, I must admit that I am saddened as I browse through my hundreds of “Poly Pics’, pausing wistfully at this one in particular; because my ‘Sunrise Hill’ (the focal point of this photo), is no more – having been replaced by major construction of Disney Vacation Club villas at the Poly.

We’ve enjoyed this vista since that first time in 1979, long before there was a paved pathway to the summit. Every morning, as the family slept, I’d trek up to the top to photograph the pre-dawn awakenings and the sunrise, as it rose above the shores of Bay Lake. Through the years, it became apparent that others had discovered this near-perfect spot in Walt Disney World. But I didn’t mind sharing, as long as I could partake.

Fast forward thirty five years, and we watched our five grandsons, a band of rag-tag pirates intent on wielding their theme park swords and shields, charging up that same hill. Together, we viewed with wonder, the nightly boat shows and Magic Kingdom fireworks from this very spot. Later, we’d walk down the hill, back to our lanai, and say a prayer of thankfulness for the indelible family moments.

I know that despite a new backdrop of DVC villas, we will make new memories when we return in August.

And yet, I cannot constrain the pesky tear escaping from my eye.





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