We’re taught as tots to build our fences tall,
From early days; protection from the world,
We learn from watching those we love, appalled
the flag of honesty is rare unfurled.

We imitate, as guileless children, little girls
and boys, who strive to be like noble men,
While shrinking soft inside, our own selves curled
Like ever tightening coils, as tensions spin.

With e’er increasing frequency we bend,
To harsh demands of others who aspire,
We aim to please, downplaying discontent,
Whilst tossing silent dreams upon the pyre.

Someday our sturdy fence-gates open wide
Unleashing soul’s emotions from inside.

These 100 words were written in response to the Friday, May 30th Light and Shade Challenge, prompting the following quote, as inspiration:

“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.”
G K Chesterton

The Light and Shade Challenge The Light and Shade Challenge

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