Which Came First…


Fresh Eggs
Fresh Eggs

This photo is reminiscent of the age-old conundrum: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

This ‘split-second’ was alive, vibrant and noisy with the clucking of the colorful chickens at ‘The Aviary’ (Buttermilk Falls Inn, in Milton, NY), which holds several different kinds of birds, including a family of peacocks (I featured the “Leader of The Pack” in an earlier post).

As we strolled past, the denizens of the chicken coop became a-flutter with anticipation, expecting (no doubt) that we had some food for them.  Au contraire…we were silently complimenting them for the lovely omelet that had been served to us earlier that morning, at the Inn.

I love the rural simplicity that this picture conveys, from the multicolored tulips in the foreground, to the hand-painted, peeling, wood sign reading: “Fresh Eggs”. It seems that the chicken, roosters, hens and tulips were hand-picked, mixed and matched to present a perfectly balanced color palette, against a bucolic, verdant backdrop.

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: SPLIT-SECOND STORY




imageSubmitted to Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme was to, “attempt to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing.”

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