Leader of The Pack


Leader of The Pack
Leader of The Pack

She is “Leader”

Clad in royal blue regalia,

She (a queen upon her throne),

Poised to pounce, should there be need,

Guidance, blessings, protection.


I am “Intern”

Withdrawing far from madding crowd,

I (observer watching from below),

Poised to practice as I study

traits, subtleties, strategies.


Leadership cannot be taught,

It’s molded firm of raw potential,

Gleaned from sailing stormy seas;

Minor strains that modulate, become

symphonic master works.


She turns,

She speaks without sound, eyes locking

Glaring past facades of plumage,

I see – I am the chosen one,

When I am ready.


The Light and Shade Challenge
The Light and Shade Challenge




Written for Friday, May 23 2014,  The Light and Shade Challenge, using a photo prompt and the following quote:

“…the rarest chords in the soul’s harmonics Are found in the minor strains of life.” E. Wheeler Wilcox. Life’s Harmonies

11 Comments on “Leader of The Pack

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    • Thank you. The peacock’s visage was a powerful image for me. I recalled so many situations from my corporate days, where a leader was nowhere to be seen. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Very powerfully written piece – telling so much so efficiently. I love your word choice and your phrasing – “glaring past facades of plumage” is my particular favourite


  3. I loved how you used three words as the bookmark ending for each stanza. I also loved these words:
    “Leadership cannot be taught,

    It’s molded firm of raw potential,…”

    Well done:~)


  4. This is so beautiful and well-written. Truly. I was a little lost until I reached the second line of the third stanza. That snagged my focus like you wouldn’t believe. Really really good.


  5. “I see – I am the chosen one, When I am ready.”
    These two lines convey immense power. Power that is recognized.


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