White Heron Hopes

Golden Moment, Sunrise Point
Sunrise Point


Milky plumage bright,

Sadly reign o’er lush lagoon,

Sunrise Point no more.


I took this photograph from the top of “Sunrise Point”, one sun-warmed morning at the Polynesian Village. I didn’t know then what this beautiful white heron may have sensed; that in the months to come, her regal outpost would be supplanted by noisy earth movers and cranes (the heavy machinery kind), making way for a new Disney Vacation Club development.

Perhaps when construction is completed, the new Polynesian-styled longhouses, will enhance the overall ambiance of our special ‘home away from home’. Perhaps, this egret will be then be content, having discovered a new lamp-post from which to oversee her marshy bogs. And perhaps, if I am fortunate, I will find her again, on a balmy morning at sunrise, as I explore the newly modified shoreline.

Though change is inevitable, this favorite morning scene, one symbolic of peace and serenity, is gone forever. And though that makes me feel sad, I am glad for what was, and grateful that I had the good fortune to stumble upon this special place and that I, through my camera lens, could appreciate and capture that unique moment in time.


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NaPoWriMo 2014

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