Patchwork Garden

Patchwork Garden

My garden grows with little help from me,
Displaying twenty shades of verdant hue,
In awe, I bow to beauty, simplicity,
That a “Kiss of the Sun” can do.

The daffodils and lilies get their clue,
From nature’s thawing earth and sunlit days,
To pop, precision-like, gay impromptu,
A feast for humble eyes on which to gaze.

Each spring the orchestration tunes to play
its symphony, profound, for human hearts,
To feel, to hear, to see the vast display,
Nature’s palette, infinitesimal art.

A patchwork quilt of lushness now unfolds,
Creation’s beauteous blanket for the soul.



This post is part of the Studio30plus weekly challenge. This week’s prompt is “Kiss of the Sun”. Visit them at

NaPoWriMo 2014
NaPoWriMo 2014

10 Comments on “Patchwork Garden

  1. “with little help from me” … I’m sure there’s a lot more help than you may think! Maybe just your gaze, and your energy…


  2. I like the imagery here, and if this is your 23rd poem of the month, I’m even more impressed!


  3. Beautiful garden and beautiful poetry – I’ve always had a fondness for the sonnet form and it’s nice to see one unexpectedly. You painted the picture really well.


    • Thank you. I’ve tinkered with various poetic forms and I am finding the sonnet form a satisfying one. I also love the villanelle, as a challenging but very colorful and rhythmic form of expression. Thanks for your comment.


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