heavy door

His self-absorbed complacence was pierced by the whack of the slamming door.

The swish of her departure created a backdraft, as the loose-swinging portal was flung back on its own hinges into the jamb. Just as she’d been swinging aimlessly in the breeze when the
primeval gust that was him, flung her hard into his existence. Surrendering, she’d been drawn down into the deep to become one with him. She’d been lost with no desire to be saved. But in her moment of surrender, he had become ensnared.

Her promise broken now, her leaving left him eternally imprisoned.



This is my response to Lance’s 100 Word Song.  It’s my first attempt to join in on this writing challenge which is to write exactly 100 words that are inspired by a song.  This week, the song is Deep As You Go, by October Project.

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