Happy “Birth” Day

Media.prompt is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, who also celebrated his birthday in April, entitled “Study of a Womb.”

“Winter seemed reluctant to release
its hold”, and yet his sister, Spring, crept near,
A quickening within, imbued a calming peace,
I teetered on the brink; embraced my fear.

Months of wafting breezes through the sheers,
Unfolding rainbows, blinking on the billows,
Nestled soft within by cushioned cashmere,
Even as I lazed beneath the willows.

Ticking tocks grow louder on my pillows,
I blindly, bravely, pierce the dark unknown,
to hold on fast, for faith to ride crescendos
of the final wave, to take us home.

I sing with joy, with happiness I weep,
I sing my swaddled, newborn-babe to sleep.

Written for Speakeasy 157.  Entries must make some reference to the media prompt above, and begin the piece with the following quote: “Winter seemed reluctant to release it’s hold.”

21 Comments on “Happy “Birth” Day

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful, Joanne! Love the rhythm and the imagery of the seasons. And that second last stanza is just gorgeous. 🙂


  2. The winter prompt seemed to send so many of us to dark places. I like that your focus was on the spring, birth and a precious new life brought into the world. Lovely.


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