Happy “Birth” Day


Media.prompt is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, who also celebrated his birthday in April, entitled “Study of a Womb.”

“Winter seemed reluctant to release
its hold”, and yet his sister, Spring, crept near,
A quickening within, imbued a calming peace,
I teetered on the brink; embraced my fear.

Months of wafting breezes through the sheers,
Unfolding rainbows, blinking on the billows,
Nestled soft within by cushioned cashmere,
Even as I lazed beneath the willows.

Ticking tocks grow louder on my pillows,
I blindly, bravely, pierce the dark unknown,
to hold on fast, for faith to ride crescendos
of the final wave, to take us home.

I sing with joy, with happiness I weep,
I sing my swaddled, newborn-babe to sleep.

Written for Speakeasy 157.  Entries must make some reference to the media prompt above, and begin the piece with the following quote: “Winter seemed reluctant to release it’s hold.”

21 thoughts on “Happy “Birth” Day

  1. tinsenpup

    The winter prompt seemed to send so many of us to dark places. I like that your focus was on the spring, birth and a precious new life brought into the world. Lovely.


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