Silent Sins

Painting by Muriel Streeter

“Don’t blame the sinner.”
Her words still simmer ‘neath the surface of my soul
As if by nodding so her sin would be undone,
Could be blotted out with brushes broad and white.
She bears no shame, her hedon’s halo glows,
As if the fault is mine for being blind,
My expectations pure, unstained and true,

Don’t blame the sinner?
Without her willful deed there is no sin,
Like lonely falling trees in silent wilds,
Their sound not heard, no ears to hear,
And yet, the queens of light and dark abide,
Whilst we, mere pawns, will pay a heavy price,
She sheds her guilt. I quit her game.


This is my response to this week’s Speakeasy over at Yeah Write. The prompt requires writers to include “Don’t blame the sinner” as the first line of a fiction or poetry piece of 750 words or less; writers must also make some sort of reference to the above painting. Hope you enjoyed my contribution!

15 Comments on “Silent Sins

  1. “:Her words still simmer ‘neath the surface of my soul”-beautiful Joanne and as Suzanne says above,,that last line is awesome! 🙂


  2. This is gorgeous, Joanne! Love the rhythm and the pacing. Fantastic use of imagery – and that last line is just perfect! 🙂


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