Zero to Hero: Day 1

Today, I embark on a 30-day journey to become a better blogger. Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

I began blogging in June 2012, a few months after having retired from the corporate world.  Because of my unfamiliarity with (or perhaps fear of) the blogosphere, I submitted posts via email and attempted to build a blog with: Hello, World! I soon realized that I was about to unleash something that would need a rigorous and  flexible delivery system. BCIJo was created and launched the blog in earnest with: Let’s Get this Blog Going.  Last Fall, I renamed my blog Opal Reflections and designed a logo representative of my vision.  This would be the repository of my observations and perspectives on life, expressed through poetry, prose and photography.

IMG_4149I have always enjoyed keeping a journal, particularly during times of stress, but more often than not, would pick up my handwritten journal  and note  that my earlier entry had been months earlier!   Repeatedly, I would seek out a ‘new’ journal, one that I vowed would enable me to offer regular entries and updates; one with quality paper, perfect lines, an exquisite fountain pen, etc.  I stare at my bookcase now and see years  of those half-filled journals (all of them too beautiful and meaningful to discard).  Responsibilities would usually take precedence over what I viewed as ‘spare time’ activity. 

Aha – I think I may have hit on something here.  Writing was and is as necessary as singing and photography.  It is a portal through which I can express who I am, in  so doing; provide context and clarity to my experiences and views.  And yet, I always viewed it as ‘wasting time’ and needing to steal alone time, to write.

Now that I am retired from the working world and my days are filled with discretionary activities, I see the fallacy of that earlier thinking.  The blogosphere provides an available medium for my meanderings, and whether I am entering a writing challenge, responding to photo prompts, or gathering recollections of my experiences, I write nearly every day; taking advantage of easy access to templates that enable even the most inexperience blogger to create a unique space.   

I view this 30-day adventure as a way to reexamine and perhaps restructure the world I reluctantly embraced 20 months ago; to take a step back to objectively evaluate Opal Reflections.  As I read those early blogs I recall my hesitance and excitement.  In the days ahead I would like to reexamine those early goals with an eye towards refining my creative objectives for 2014. 




One Comment on “Zero to Hero: Day 1

  1. I agree with you, I wish I had the savvy to know how to put a picture in etc, I am clueless, but am a learning in progress, thanks to you, I to have many half written journals, I love to write, as you do but you always do it better


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