Timing is Everything!

A Friend's Farewell (Ms ClipArt)
A Friend’s Farewell
(Ms ClipArt)

Timing is everything!

Just minutes ahead of traffic, she would fly into the city.   She merged onto the interstate, conjuring up scenarios and ‘what-if’ responses:  If ‘He’ said ‘this’,  she’d say ‘that’.    If ‘He’ begged…,   if ‘He’ didn’t…,   etc.  

By six twenty-two, she was at “Ernie’s” on 50th, sipping coffee, waiting for her ‘usual’.  Dutifully – obsessively  – she checked her phone for panicky morning missives from ‘Him’.  She exhaled: Things were quiet; breakfast would be digestible.

Striding across ‘Lex’, she rehearsed under her breath.  Flashing her badge to the turnstile guard,  she slid onto the express elevator to the 21st floor.  Alone, she heard her voice, speaking words that couldn’t be hers. Yet they were.  Emerging on the 21st floor, briefcase slung hastily over her shoulder, she swiped her pass-key; granting her access to the inner sanctum, while securely locking her inside.  She smiled at the obvious irony.

          “Good morning, Bev!”  

Beverly, the CEO’s ‘Right Arm’, grinned back.  Each day, Bev’s  banter eased her into the choppy corporate waters that regularly threatened to engulf her.   

          “Good morning, Steph. The pot’s on.”

          “Great!  I need hi-test today!”

Unlocking her office, she flipped the light switch before entering – a habit she’d honed  since that first day, seven years ago, when she happened upon her overnight visitor, as he scampered under the heating vent.  Harvey was as shocked as she; but over time, they’d adjusted to each other.   Miraculously,  Harvey had survived periodic ‘exterminations‘  (not unlike herself), or at least, that’s what she told herself.  What is the lifespan of a mouse?  

Today, Harvey crouched out of sight under his fin-tubes, as if he knew. 

Suddenly, it was 8:45!   She gulped down her third Arabica and headed for the corner office.  She’d catch ‘Him’ before the Board Meeting.

Timing is everything!

Later, closing her door for the last time, she sensed that Harvey knew.  In a weird way, she would miss ‘Him’.

But, it was time!

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Written in response to the Trifecta Weekly Challenge Week 85:

This week we are asking for a 33- to 333-word response using the word:

FLY (intransitive verb)

3a : to move, pass, or spread quickly
b : to be moved with sudden extreme emotion
c : to seem to pass quickly

8 Comments on “Timing is Everything!

    • Thanks, Bjorn. Having worked in the city for years, I actually did develop the habit of making lots of noise and turning the lights on before entering in the early morning hours. It makes you wonder about life beyond the walls.


  1. I might be totally ‘off’ but as I read this and the time table, I couldn’t help but think this was someone working in Twin Towers on 9-11. Gave me a shiver. I’ll never forget that day even though I was on the other side of the country.


    • I remember that day as well. I was taking off from Newark airport, the second day at a new job, headed to a construction site south of Providence. the plane took off as usual, circled and headed straight up the Hudson. I looked out the window at the towers and thought ‘what a gorgeous morning’ …blue sky, clear. I turned away and when I looked back there was a gaping hole with billowing smoke that kept getting worse. The guys next to me were sleeping and i was trying to imagine what kind of explosion could have caused that damage. The crew was silent, (in retrospect, ashen faced) even as be deplaned in Providence. As I stood on rental car line at the airport, I hear someone say a plane flew into the building. it wasn’t until I was driving south on I95 towards the job site listened on the radio as the towers fell. My family was terrified, since there was no information about my continental flight out of Newark, and cell phones were out. when I finally got through to home at 11 AM, using a land line phone from the construction trailer, my daughter answered the phone. I asked her what she was doing at my house…then I realized…they were all so worried, didn’t know if I was OK or even where I was. I was stranded there for several days. I will never forget that day. our town lost many …kids were kept in school until it could be verified that they’d have parents to go home to. horrible horrible day.
      No – this lighthearted piece (by comparison) was about a person resigning from her job and leaving the corporate madness behind. she loved it but it truly was madness! Sorry for the long reply. Your comment touched me deeply. Thanks Janna!


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