Weekly Photo Challenge: “The Sign Says…”

Le Cactus Creperie Eze Village Provence, France
Le Cactus Creperie
Eze Village
Provence, France

As we traveled through Provence during the Spring of 2012, we spent a few days at the hilltop, medieval village of Eze.

While leisurely exploring the hilly cobblestone alleys and promenades, we soaked in the Mediterranean sun and saturated colors; a spectacular backdrop for this casual chalkboard creperie sign.  (It’s curious to note the use of an American expression on this otherwise French sign, in the heart of France).

Most memorable, was that although we sat outside on the adjacent, creperie terrace overlooking the azure Mediterranean, our ‘garçon’ had to cross the tourist-filled promenade and archway, ascend a flight of stone steps to place orders, serve up bouteilles de vin, and of course deliver from the kitchen our perfectly made-to-order crepes. In spite of this daunting task, service was wonderful, warm, and as the sign promised – “non-stop.”

When I look at this photo, I can almost sense the aroma of melted cheese, and feel the wafting breezes blowing through my hair; cooling my sun-drenched cheeks.

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