Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal
Urban Renewal

Rushing, racing, crossing
Riverside Drive;
Nerve endings raw.


Suddenly, stranded center-strip,
Street sounds suspended,
Startled, silenced by shock of serenity!

Pavement Paradigm
Toppled by verdant vision,
Nestled underneath blossoms.

This photo was taken one raw morning while walking to Columbia Presbyterian. Our dour mood was suddenly and momentarily uplifted, after having been stranded in the middle of the avenue. As we waited for the crossing signal that would allow us to continue on our way, we glanced to the right, opened our eyes, and saw this glimpse of peace, amid the city noise and confusion. Perhaps everything would be ok, after all.

Written in response to this weekend’s a Trifextra challenge.Β 

On to the weekend prompt. This weekend we are asking for exactly 33 words, 30 of your own and three of the following:

topple paradigm underneath nerve honey loop

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25 Comments on “Urban Renewal

  1. That median is just gorgeous! It is nice to find an oasis of serenity in the city. (I love all the greenery…living in the desert, the landscape was often shades of brown.)


    • Thanks Janna,Though the desert has its beautiful scenes as well. Though I live in NJ, I traveled to west coast a lot do business, and always found it surprising and refreshing to return home and realize how lush everything can be here. That said, winter is beautiful in a different way.


    • Thank you! I was happy to have my iPhone with me so I could capture it. I’d like to go back with u SLR one day, but I think that moment was just right for us to find some peace, when we needed it most.


  2. my winter eyes thank you . . . waiting for my lilacs to bloom . . . seeing your flowering trees helps. πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful picture! And having lived in a big city, I understand the chaos then the peace of finding somewhere like this to have a moment.


    • Yes, Gina, especially after having dealt with GWB traffic and facing a potentially troubling doctor visit. It’s nice to just take a deep breath and calm one’s inner demons. Thanks for commenting!


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