Photo Friday: Metropolis

Morning Metropolis
Morning Metropolis

This photo was taken from our balcony at the l’Hotel de la Paix one gray morning in Geneva, at the peak of rush hour.  Not even the din rising from the city’s traffic-clogged arteries could diminish the impact of the Cathedral steeple in the old city; set off so dramatically and memorably against the backdrop of fog-shrouded Mont Blanc.  This modern metropolis sits congenially in stark contradiction of culturally and historically significant European Capital.


2 Comments on “Photo Friday: Metropolis

    • Me too..some photos just scream for black and white. This was a chilly rainy day our second day in Geneva. It really is amazing that it is such an internationally important city, home of the League of Nations, and a neutral locale for meetings of leader of countries. And yet in the heart of the bustling city, is the old town, with cobblestone narrow streets and centuries old buildings. So black and white can best set off the contrasts and contradictions of Geneva.thanks for commenting and for liking it.😌


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