The Joy of Fitness (Again)

The Joy of Being Fit (Again)
The Joy of Being Fit (Again)

In honor of my graduation from physical therapy, I submit this entry to the Trifecta Writing Challenge. After six months of repair and recuperation I am nearly back to 100%. I suspect that I will always be a little achy and vulnerable to paying a painful price after a day of cooking on my feet. But I have a new appreciation; not only for practical hurdles faced by the handicapped each day, but also for the many bright and dedicated professionals, interns and students who, with patience and empathy become our mentors and partners in the healing process. Now, on to this week’s challenge:

1: characterized by or resulting from careful and thorough consideration
2: characterized by awareness of the consequences
3: slow, unhurried, and steady as though allowing time for decision on each individual action involved


Two inch, four inch, six inch, I holler…
Assessing step height per the chart
Ten times, twenty, then do thirty
From the rigorous regimen, don’t depart.

Fifteen today, tomorrow twenty
Deliberate, diverse, designed delay
Double-down, decrease, repeating
Time after time, day after day.

Sinews stretching, tendons taut
Orange ball against the wall
An hour more, a week, a month; the goal
To walk, to climb, to stand up tall

Twenty reps, left swivel, right,
Bending, balance beam; begin again.
Fifteen this time, tomorrow twenty
Persistence, but “no pain, no gain.”

Relief in sight, the cycle ceasing
Once torn tendons; bones re-knit.
Icing, coldness; soothing, seeping,
A few more sessions, I’ll soon be fit!

17 Comments on “The Joy of Fitness (Again)

  1. no truer words ever spoken, how well i know, no pain no gain, as my son always says if you don’t use it you will loose it, and we have seen that happen to our mom, so you go girl, so proud of you, and keep on using it and all you’ve got, never loose it. and yes god bless all the pt workers, so dedecated to what they do. it take a special person, to do what they do. love the piece eileen


  2. Congrats on your graduation! (: I like this piece. You could probably chant it along with all of those exercise sets.


    • Thank you. One day at a time is the best we can do and incremental improvements, though not always immediately noticeable, have a cumulative positive effect. That said, I sit here tonight with an ice pack, after having overdone it a the gym today. It’s all good and, seriously, has given me perspective.


  3. Congrats on the completion of your regimen. Though it never ends, does it? I go to yoga 3-4 times a week and inevitably feel achy and vulnerable, as you say, but with a wider range of motion. To walk to climb to stand up tall – that’s the goal. Nice poem, and I’m very glad you’re feeling better!


    • Thank you, Steph. And yes…feeling better day by day. Proof is tha I sang in a concert last Saturday, standing for the entire thing! Ice packs on the ready at all times, especially after concerts!


    • Thanks, Tara. It’s been a long time since the accident…can’t believe I lost half a year, on the mend. But the good news is I’m on the mend. Not everyone is so fortunate!


  4. Physical therapy can be brutal. I’ve heard stories from family members and I think it’s not something to look forward to! (But the reward of having movement back just might make it worth it :))


    • It’s interesting that the gang at PT becomes like a family. They knew my schedule, assessed my progress, and we shared stories from our lives. Some of the assistants were college students, and it was pretty cool to spend time with them. My PT had an intern who graduated last week. I was one of his “projects”. Our future is bright if left I the hands of this generation. All in all it was a hopeful and positive experience, pain notwithstanding.


  5. I can so relate to this right now. I hurt my back at the gym, and now I’m going to a chiropractor. I’ll be glad when I’m not so achy and hurty.


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