Photo Friday: Artificial Light… “Oh, What a Night!”

"Oh, What a Night"
“Oh, What a Night”

This week’s Photo Friday challenge prompt is “Artificial Light”. I chose this photo, taken at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, on the evening we went to see Franki Valli in concert. Except for the use of a “Brushed” filter (in keeping with the ‘Artificial Light’ theme) and my watermark signature, this photo is as it was shot. One’s eyes are drawn to the curved line of park benches and artificially lit trees about to bloom, set against a backdrop of the Newark skyline.

It was a lovely, chilly, Spring evening, and after having entered the architecturally beautiful venue, (and stopping by the lobby bar for a glass of wine) we went up to the mezzanine overlooking the lobby facing the front of NJPAC.  From our parapet, we listened to a quartet of men crooning oldies from our teen years. It was quite a scene! We noted that most of the gathering, friendly audience appeared to be our age. A few couples even began dancing to the music, and nearly everyone sang along.

As we stood there soaking in the nostalgia, I used my iPhone to capture the scene outside, a striking contrast to the scene inside and more dramatically, to the Newark I experienced as a child; and years later as an engineering student at NCE. Franki’s performance was wonderful, and I know our enjoyment of the concert was greatly enhanced by this pre-concert ambiance in the heart of Newark.

“Oh, what a night!”


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