Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

From above, many otherwise unnoticeable or unremarkable images are transformed into unusual and unparalleled works of art. Whether Nature’s mastery or human creativity, opportunities abound to capture the mystery. This gallery was photographed using a Pentax K30, an iPad2, or an iPhone 4S. Usually yucky cicadas and cracked-open bird’s eggs, join with sea-scape shells, sea-foam and baby blankets to comprise a gallery of delightful images.

2 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

    • Neither am I … I remember the last time finding carcasses everywhere…quite gross…and the unending noise, sometimes drowning out even the noise of airplanes overhead. I have to believe though that perhaps the lawn is getting an aeration as they emerge from thir nests and create half inch holes everywhere. Thanks for your post😄 and enjoy!


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