What’s for Dinner?

Photography ( and bread) by Joanne Edith
Photography ( and bread) by Joanne Edith


What’s for dinner?  Lets plan ahead
We can agree, we’ll start with bread.
Beef stew with dumplings, that should do,
For me, but definitely not for you.

Rack of lamb would be sublime
But you don’t like, it would all be mine.
Center-cut loin of pork is tops
Alas, you don’t eschew the chops.

Homemade penne vodka sauce for you?
Ok…or try a bottled brew.
Chicken grilled on barbecue…
You like, if pre-deboned-it’s true.

So back to basics, hubby’s faves:
Meatballs and gravy and leftovers saved.
Lasagna, burgers, dogs and slaw,
Potatoe salad, radishes and more.

Deviled eggs and sloppy joe’s,
BLT’s and Doritos.
Popover tops, and cheese filled cakes,
Grape nuts, shredded wheat and shakes.

Eggplant parm and home-made fries
Tarte tatin and homemade pies
Yours tastes are simple…I clearly see
You’re worth weight in gold, to me!


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