Chasing the Steeple

Chasing The Steeple
Chasing The Steeple

Why do I turn away?
Centerpiece of this bright day,
A Far Hills fete: “The Steeple Chase”.

Autumn brilliance sets the stage:
Whilst grassy-tracked steeds sling muddy sod,
Orange-framed oval, strewn with  spectators.
Trumpet’s blare calls to all: “ta ra ta da”!

I focus not on  race or chase.
I choose instead a steeple;
Back-dropped by brilliant, cerulean blue-sky canvas.

Siena-shingled dome, chalk-washed silo, copper-crackled cupola;
Structures from a century past.
Their purpose, now belied by single steely spline.
Peaceful purity punctuated by techno-times.

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