“The Rythym of Life”



6 Comments on ““The Rythym of Life”

    • Thanks, He actually tripped while running onto the risers, but really enjoyed himself, and the scene. All of 500 kids from all the schools in town had been together since 5PM listening to each school perform and rehearsing the ensemble conclusion. Although he is definitely into his sports, I was happy to see him really enjoying one of my passions!


  1. I can almost feel the pride of a grandmom!! It will take a few more years for me to become one but i loved the words that so beautifully depict the feeli9ngs of a grandmom!!


    • Yes – and he is the oldest of five grandsons! Opportunities to be proud, abound with five boys, all of them very active in sports, but music has always been one of my obsessions :). I sincerely hope you get to experience being a grandmother. It is the best role in the world. All you have to do is survive parenthood first! Thanks for your comment.


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