Breaking News…Popover Gremlin Strikes Again!

I love cooking.
I love cooking for my family.
I love cooking dishes that others dare not attempt.
I love to juggle food preparation logistics like a project manager, to produce a fantastic family feast.
Most of all, I love hearing “Amazing!” and “More, please!”, as my grandsons wolf down my culinary creations.

Topping the Favorite Culinary Creations list is “Grandma’s Perfect Popovers,” a time-honored, perfected family recipe that is a uniquely marvelous melding of art and science. It is truly magical to witness a popover tin filled with thin, runny batter, morph into a dozen high-rise, hollow puffs of crispiness, filled only with steamy tendrils of tender warmth.  I am proud to say I’ve mastered the ‘art of the popover’ and these ingeniously simple beauties have become Sunday morning staples in my home.  Most importantly, I love serving them to the “ooh’s” and “aah’s” of my family.

Though for many, the appeal of a popover is their hollow crispiness, it’s the peel-apart, tender tendril-ness, that #2 grandson cannot resist.  The evidence speaks volumes, as these crime scene photos show.

The Popover Gremlin Strikes Again!
The Popover Gremlin Strikes Again!

When I realized that the “Popover Gremlin” had struck again, my heart melted instantly; like butter in a fresh-from-the-oven popover. Once again, my perfect creations had been thoroughly and systematically demolished by this repeat offender (note that the remnants were rearranged carefully, with a remarkable sense of order), and I (and my melting heart) offered a quiet prayer of gratitude for this truly precious moment.
Thank you, Dylan!

18 Comments on “Breaking News…Popover Gremlin Strikes Again!

  1. Oh my,this is such a delicious post-loved every bit of it:-)The crime scene is too yummy,though would have loved to see the perpetrator going at it;-)What a reward to have people loving it-I know the feeling,my daughter does it:-)

    Tell me is this dish salty or sweet?What do you fill in it?We have something similar in India but it’s fried & filled with mashed potatoes-a salty snack & its called “aloobonda”-here is a picture


    • This is plain..a touch salty…and Not filled during baking. But often we can add cheese to the batter. More traditionally though, they are hollow… And for breakfast, they make a good holder for bacon and eggs.

      Your aloobonda sounds yummy though. I may have tasted that when I was in India…though I had so many unusual dishes I couldn’t remember what they were, only that I loved them all.

      I have seen the perp going at it…he’s very meticulous about it. At least he saves the basic shell for the rest of us.

      I think I may have to post my recipe. I just sent it to my sister, and realized she doesn’t have a popover tin…so I’m sending one to her.


      • Oh,that’s interesting-in India we traditionally fry more than bake though nowadays many of the modern gen are learning that too.How wonderful to know that you have visited India-yes,we do have amazing flavours with numerous regional varieties-even we ,living here,have yet to taste most of them,lol!Ha!ha!Am sure if I had a granny who was a master chef,i too would be meticulous about it;-)Yes,it would be great if you post the recipe,maybe I can try to prepare it too:-)Thank you for this lovely response,tc 🙂


    • Ah yes…when you make Yorkshire pudding…the batter is poured into tins that use prime rib pan drippings instead of butter, and they are served as accompaniment to beef. That is the traditional “popover”. My first was at a restaurant in SF bay/Berkeley…called Lord Jim’s. I loved that place and its where my love of Yorkshire pudding began. II was there on business as a young engineer in the early seventies. Thanks for that reminder, and the memories🚋


    • Very yummy and the perfect delivery system for a scoop of fluffy scrambled eggs and a small pice of crispy acon. But my gremlin just likes to rip them open and eat the soft layers inside, keeping shell intact…almost.


  2. Oh man, this one gave me goosebumps. I love this. My son’s name is Dylan, and I adore the idea of someone in his life being happy that he ate the centers from their baked goods. 🙂 Those things look amazing.


    • It’s just too precious to not love. Especially since when we left the kitchen, the basket was filled with lovely perfection, and when we returned the array had been lovingly and carefully “rearranged”. I guess he thought we wouldn’t notice. His joy is so ingenuous – who could not be happy at that? I hope your Dylan gets to try it sometime. And our little guy prefers to be called ‘D-Man’😍.
      Thanks for commenting.


    • Sure…even Hubby learned how during my recovery…his are almost as good as mine. I’ll and it via email! And DMan goes right for the soft hollow center, leaving the shells for the rest ofus. Too cute! He is definitely a popover gremlin.


  3. Wow! Hadn’t thought of the prompt that way. Great post. I love juggling in the kitchen too but I only cook “big meals” on special occasions.


    • Thanks..I’m always juggling priorities in the kitchen. I cook big meals on Sunday usually…unless kid’s sports interfere. Both sets of grand kids are local so often, someone is popping in for dinner.


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