imageThis was written in response to Trifextra Challenge: 

For the weekend challenge we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative.

23 Comments on “Consolation

  1. I’m 57, my mother is 82 and lives with me. The longer we are together, the stronger I feel for my mother. I had a student years ago who lost her mother at 13. Although I was about 24, I couldn’t imagine being an orphan so young. You never have a better friend than your parents. At least that was true for me.


    • I understand…we are the fortunate ones, unlike your student. So, yes, these bonds strengthen every day and the older we get the more we grow to appreciate who they were, and who they are…and how they impact who we are. Thanks for your words.


  2. To mothers everywhere for the love they have for their children, the love the children return – I thank you. Even the picture and the italic font brought this home.


  3. I bow down in the presence of Moms everywhere. Motherhood is the foundation of all that is good in our world. Thanks for paying homage to the strength of Moms and to the sacrifices they make for their children, no matter how old their child may be.


    • I know how heartbreaking it can be to hold your child’s hand or to be there for your adult child as they difficulties. Of course the upside is that there are joyful moments as well! Either way, we are blessed and sacrifices we make are repaid a thousand-fold. Thank you for your comments!


  4. Very well put-yes a mom’s duty is to put her children first & be there for them through thick & thin.I learnt courage & being strong from my Mom-in fact I became so strong that I never needed to burden her with my problems-later in life,I was there to “mother” her before she was taken away by Cancer.


    • Yes, but so familiar to a mom who must be strong for her daughter. It could be a medical situation, a distressing marital issue. It doesn’t matter…a mother must console her daughter and set aside her own fears and demons.
      Thank you for commenting, I paused before I hit publish on this one.


  5. Awww this is so sweet. I totally had a flashback of calling my mother from Okinawa, Japan. I was sitting on the balcony. We had a beautiful view of the water from base housing. I was homesick and crying. I had been married less than six months and I was calling to cry on her shoulder and ask what’s so great about being married. I’ve now been married 15 years 😉


    • Exactly, and Mom talked you through your fears. Inside, I’m sure she was sobbing for your unhappiness, but of course, she was strong for you. Congratulations on your marriage. These days it i a special thing. My husband and I are married 45 year…not bad considering we actually have ‘liked’ each other since fourth grade. your Mom must be very special!


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