Fog-Shawl of Silence

Fog Shawl of Silence (MS ClipArt)
MSCipArt photo

Sheer shards soften stark world-edges
Beckoning, as a stairway, to other-worldly wonder
Tree trunks straight and tall
Proud prayers standing in line
Pointing to paradise.

As sensual, saturated sky, just before sunrise

As low-hanging blue moon, just before dawn.

Lifting, as if by loom, no longer to survive this day
Mystical moments here and vanished
Grainy reality returns

Enveloping the day.

written in response to Trifecta Writing Challenge Prompt: Survive

12 Comments on “Fog-Shawl of Silence

  1. Thanks…I have a great foggy forest photo of my own but with this darned broken leg I couldn’t get to it, so I used this MS Clipart photo. Mine is, admittedly not as striking. I love this too!


  2. I like the one-word lines stacked on top of each other, progressing into the longer lines. It reads in an interesting way!


    • Thank you…often a single word has impact when it can settle in to one’s brain unencumbered by other words. Thanks…seems like your posts are always first and mine, often are last . I’m sure there is a message there but I’m not sure what it is๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Sheer shards soften stark world edges – that’s nice. I love the alliteration throughout. Great title too. I get a lot of fog in my area. I love it. And you have captured the feel of it. Nice piece!


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