Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geneva Balcony: Centre Ville                       (Photography by Joanne Edith)

This photo pair was taken last Spring, on my balcony at l’Hôtel De La Paix in Geneva, Switzerland.

Having always been fascinated by light and shadows,this most beautiful moment was captured; as long rays of morning sunlight shone through the beautifully simple, but stunning, iron scroll-work of the balustrades

Nested, coiling arcs are gracefully contained and contrasted within rectangular frames; casting on the concrete parapet a striking and texturally interesting, geometric shadow.

I chose to include both as examples of Geometry captured in Photography, since despite the obvious  differences in coloration and intensity, each is equally striking.

The first photo (left)  was taken during rush hour,  facing southward towards Geneva’s Centre-Ville.

The second photo (below), was taken facing east, over  Lac Léman

Geneva Balcony – Lac Léman                       (Photography by Joanne Edith)

3 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

    • Thank you Dom!
      I am almost obsessed with Shadows. Perhaps a shrink could tell me why i think the shadows are often more beautiful than the shadow caster. In any case, thank you for your feedback.


      • Totally understandable sometimes the shadow can be much more dramatic than the subject alone! 🙂


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