Brick and Mortar

Brink and Mortar

I love Brick!

I love the irregular-surfaced and non-homogeneous kiln red uniqueness,

Contradicted by predictable, perfect symmetry.

Rigid, yet when interstitially connected with others of their kind,

Creating a ‘whole’, far stronger than the individual parts;

Solid structures; facades, walls and walkways, steps and stairs

That, despite imperceptibly widening mortar cracks, endure for decades

Dispassionately, assuredly, protecting the infrastructure within and behind.


Man is like brick.

Irrefutably unique, yet genetically singular in appearance and psyche.

Combining with others of his species in (by all appearances) predictable patterns

Creating a union strong enough to weather most storms; forging children in his likeness.

Prim-perfect facade protecting that which lies beneath, behind and beyond

Tenuously fending off collapse from deteriorating mortar.

Man’s promise; he is sentient – capable of passion, pain, pleasure and promise

Man’s peril: that he become stone cold brick.



5 Comments on “Brick and Mortar

  1. I like this coming to think about we dont see many strong brick places about these days i have always liked the structure of them and liked how you made the follow up wih men !! ha


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