The Excellence of Anonymity


Orchestral musicians 

Choristers; professional and avocational  

Hundreds of passionate, like-minded spirits

After months, weeks, hours of dedicated water-shedding   

Tonight, all privileged to perform   

This Opus



To the gathering audience,  

Performers are indistinguishable

(in standard black and starched white concert garb) 

Like a waddle of penguins awaiting their momentous, impending migration.

A ‘waddle’ of anonymous (yet, uniquely talented) performers

Attentively awaiting the signal. 


Penultimate moment!

Poised.  Waiting.  Watching.  

Maestro ascends to the podium.

Silence!  Pick up cue…Downbeat…

In an instant, glorious silence-shattering sound!

Priceless, unrepeatable, unforgettable glimpse of beauty,

In an otherwise flawed world.


written in response to Trifecta Writing challengs:

Promt:   BLACK

1a : of the color black

b (1) : very dark in color <his face was black with rage>

(2): having a very deep or low register <a bass with a blackvoice>

(3) : heavy, serious <the play was a black intrigue>

2a : having dark skin, hair, and eyes : swarthy

b (1) often capitalized : of or relating to any of various population groups having dark pigmentation of the skin

(2) : of or relating to the African-American people or their culture

(3) : typical or representative of the most readily perceived characteristics of black culture

3: dressed in black

3 Comments on “The Excellence of Anonymity

  1. The structure of this piece is really fun. I love Penguins! Thanks for linking up. Hope to see you back for the weekend challenge.


  2. That’s lovely! You really painted the picture, to the point where I actually heard the music coming in. What fun!


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