On The Count of Three…

Trifecta Weekend Challenge:    this weekend we are challenging you to write 33 of your own words to build on the following:  On the count of three…(www.Trifectawritingchallenge.com).


On the count of three …yesterday, the giggling girl-child was whisked skyward in Mommy and Daddy’s arm-swing.  Today, her squealingly ecstatic son cries:   “Mee-Ma, Bee-Pa…again…one, two, three…whee!”

One, two, three….Whee!

8 Comments on “On The Count of Three…

  1. Lovely. All my kids are *just* passed me being able to do that with them. And I once knew a crazy kid who would kick her feet up and flip *every* *single* *swing*. The first time was quite a surprise!


    • Karen,
      Yes – I know what you mean. My children are grown now but, it is remarkable and heartwarming to know that his little game is timeless – enjoyed as much by each of my five grandsons, just as their Mom and Dad did when they were little. Simple pleasures, indeed! Thanks for taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated.


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