I love things that go ‘bump’ in the night.  I’m uneasy revealing this quirk, because I understand that for others, such things could create fear or dismay. 

 I lie in bed, protected only by a thin mesh screen(a membrane through which sound, smells, sensations may freely permeate) I am exhilarated.  Once again I am a privileged observer and participant in this miracle.

 I listen, as my imaginings lead me down shadowy paths glistening in the moonlight and across dew-strewn stretches of sod. I sense the underground critter colonies beneath my bare feet, and can almost feel silky, squirming between the blades of grass.

 I hear a  distant train whistle – a wistful sigh – providing a haunting backdrop to the building crescendo.  Moths flutter at lamplight to the rhythm of unending cricket chirping.  Bats ‘swoopingly’ add their etude with flourish and grace.  Nearby, a startled dog barks a trumpet call acknowledgement of mid-night movements.  Barking ceases;  Calm is reestablished.

 I revel, as a burrowing owl reprises his cooing, whirring and purring.  Across the field raccoons, their rodent cousins and feral felines, roam stealthily – each in pursuit of prey.  Perched safely above amid rustling branches,  nestlings cling to each other; as  mockingbird melodies flood the night air with waves of spectacular song.

I marvel at the  balance of nature on display for all who would see (or hear), and as night wanes,  the thrush  nightingale joins the cacophonous concerto, announcing the breaching sunlit strains on the distant horizon.  larks awaken and mourning doves to begin their nocturnal postlude .

 I retreat from my marvelous meanderings.  Reluctantly, as the predawn drizzle begins, nostrils fill with nourishing negative ions, and my re-embodied self  tries to salvage some much-needed  sleep; physical replenishment for the fast-approaching day.  Spiritual replenishment will be set aside until the return of moon rise, when…

I return to resume my restorative reverie.

Written by BCIJo, akaJoanne Edith) in response to Trifecta Challenge Week 45 (  UNEASY (use third definition)

1: causing physical or mental discomfort

2: not easy : difficult

3: marked by lack of ease : awkward, embarrassed <gave an uneasy laugh>

8 Comments on “CARPE NOCTEM

    • Thank you! I am consciously trying to be more upbeat in my themes. I appreciate the candid feedback, always. And yes – calming is the overall sensation I was trying to communicate.


  1. What a lovely midnight ramble; I love that kind of thing too. Nothing but city streets here, but that made me wish for the countryside.


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