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As I lean back to peer into the grueling, I see (what others may have seen) too late: “Two young hares, rump to rump, like dueling pistols crouched by the gate,” we wait. We chose this path, this charted course our fate, Now a… Continue Reading “Out-takes”

March Madness

After months of snow and ice The rains return, Erasing dirty dunes and saturating frozen earth. Window’s blowing curtains open wide I sleep but dreams don’t stay, Instead my brain replaying scenes: Deserted trains to nowhere, speeding past. I strain to free myself from… Continue Reading “March Madness”

Islands of Man

  Life had once been defined by linears and absolutes. Our intersections well-combined; concentric pegs, ladders and chutes. Cabin logs fit, notch on notch and oaken floors laid tongue-in-groove, Alpha letters etched on blocks, built towers high to stand, unmoved. Our party lines were… Continue Reading “Islands of Man”

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