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Perspective…through the chain link fence (Photo Friday, Haiku Friday)

***** Through the chain link fence, Poised, line drive headed my way, Second to first: Out! *****   Postaday: 

‘Stats’ of Time

⚾️⚾️⚾️ The first time I saw him, nine years ago, he slid in the sure grasp of the nurse, as she penned his ‘stats’ on the blue score card. I blinked. He slid home. ‘Stats’: One hit, one run. ⚾️⚾️⚾️ This week’s a Trifecta… Continue Reading “‘Stats’ of Time”

Photo Friday: Spacious

A full-sized baseball field, makes an unforgettable impression on an exuberant 10 year-old, taking the field for the first time with his team for regional playoffs. Words cannot describe the feeling of pro-field spaciousness, after having played exclusively on local sandlots; and realizing that… Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Spacious”

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