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I’m drawn toward the crusty, clanging gate While only yards ahead, an easy wall stands stalwart, sturdy, rock on rock, in wait for someone just like me, to heed the call. A metaphor for problems that befall and plague our humdrum, hapless times, To… Continue Reading “Choices”

With Pen in Hand…

“Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do.”    Voltaire As autumn swings into its waning arc, I’m thoughtful, as in days and times of yore, Reminding, with its ‘Technicolor’ parks, Dismissing summer ‘lush’ that came before. The parable for life,… Continue Reading “With Pen in Hand…”

Free Will

Written for Trifextra weekend challenge: This week we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by this classic song by The Rolling Stones. Good luck! NaBloPoMo October!

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