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Family Tree

It was 1944.  There he was again, her handsome beau; all decked out, standing at her front door with a small white box in his hand. Soon, he would tenderly pin the simple corsage to her collar. He knocked tentatively, barely able to constrain his anticipation.… Continue Reading “Family Tree”

Villanelle*: Precious Progeny

👫👫👫👫👫 ************************************************* My Grandsons, three plus two, my ‘starting five’ they rampage, romp, and shoot at hoops with zest My ‘Sis’ has five Grand-girls, in pink they thrive. all prettied up, her girls dress to the nines while mine, in ‘Pirate Blue”, launch plunder-quests… Continue Reading “Villanelle*: Precious Progeny”

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