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Goose Crossing

It was nearly eight degrees, that sunny afternoon in upstate New York. Though we were well-mittened, wrapped in wraps and protected from head to toe, there was no denying that it was COLD! We carefully traversed the picturesque bridge and were taking in the… Continue Reading “Goose Crossing”

Thoughts From The Bench

This poem was inspired by a walk in the woods at Buttermilk Falls Inn, when I came upon this long-forgotten bench. I began to think about what stories this ‘object’ might tell, could it speak. How many lovers, hand in hand, approached and stayed… Continue Reading “Thoughts From The Bench”

A Walk in Winter (Photo Friday: Explore; Haiku Friday)

Tree trunk points the way, Ice-trodden trail sluiced from snow, Wintry, woodland walk.

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