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Between the Lines

  ***** She tried to reach them but they turned away, She sought to heal the scars of childish chills, She strained to listen, words they’ll never say to her, and yet she stands there waiting – still. She delved too deeply, saw beyond… Continue Reading “Between the Lines”


Big Bully ‘Innately nasty’, ‘Blindly narcissistic’ ‘Button pushing’, ‘Target terrorizing’, ‘Fear inspiring’ Epitome of Evil, ‘Kick ass’; ‘Scaredy ass’, ‘Victor’s victim’ ‘Nemesis avoiding’, ‘Darkness dreading’, ‘Whisper whimpering’  ‘Deliberately diminutive’, ‘Protectively passive’ Isolated Innocent *** I admittedly took a few liberties with the Diamanté form, in… Continue Reading “Helpless”

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