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Many Are Called

Father John, her favorite parish priest and regular confessor, was an obvious choice from whom to request a college recommendation. Church and school  were the heart and soul of her world, augmenting perfectly the love and support she received, unquestioningly, from her family.  Her… Continue Reading “Many Are Called”


Why can’t she be normal? They expect her to be normal. She tries, she obeys, she behaves But normal isn’t  in the  cards! For awhile, she heels; For  awhile, she straddles the fence; For awhile she shows spurts of normalcy; Until weirdness wins out.… Continue Reading “Pathfinder”

An Engineer’s Journal, June 2, 2001: Fireworks

She had expected this day for months.  After 23 years, she’d almost welcomed it.  She was prepared psychologically, emotionally, and financially, rationalizing that it offered the best of all worlds.  Her family was ready.  She was ready. Yet on that day, there was a part… Continue Reading “An Engineer’s Journal, June 2, 2001: Fireworks”

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