Outside my Window


 sun-risen summer shores

were dressed to kill,  but now

lie gray and chilled

by high surf’s crashing, glancing blows.
I spy from window’s sill.

lie there, to be ensnared
at water’s edge, if not delayed,
waylaid or swayed
by bed sheets’ soft entreat:
Forego the beach – surcease!

Instead I rise and shine,
to seize the sand scape scene,
agleam and cleaned 

by tides receding, 
there I’m greeting
night’s retreating.

Another spectacular sunrise at Cape May – an autumnal reminder of summer’s end.  Dawn was breaking when I asked myself if it was worth leaving the comfy bed at the Peter Shields Inn, to brave the morning chill.  As these photos indicate, sunrise with the sea gulls is always worth it!





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