Wedding Day

March 28, 2020

Today, my daughter got married.

It was a rainy, otherwise depressing day, but today, my daughter got married.

It wasn’t a typical catered affair, with florists, musicians, and photographers, as she’d planned so many months ago. The statewide shutdown made that impossible. Even the last minute plan to wed outdoors, overlooking her parents’ backyard, was foiled by chilling rains that drenched the beribboned makeshift aisle.

Instead, she and her beloved joined hands and hearts in the family room of her childhood home – our home. Her sons gave her away, and we, her parents, bore witness. In keeping with the spirit of social distancing, there were no invited guests.

I’d crocheted a wedding shawl to accompany her lovely bridal dress, but the modified dress code was PJs and slippers. The lacy shawl will be set aside for another day. The flowers were arranged by Mom (me) and the furniture was arranged (and rearranged) by Dad. Her bridal bouquet was a single yellow, long-stemmed rose and Somewhere Over the Rainbow was her entrance anthem, as she walked arm in arm with her sons.

It was unpredictable, spontaneous and a bit chaotic. And yet, it was the most sincere expression of commitment, love and hope in the future…yes…even in these days of viral foreboding…that I’ve ever seen.

I shed a few tears of joy.

Today, my daughter got married.


Stephanie’s Wedding Shawl


7 Comments on “Wedding Day

  1. Sounds like a beautiful day, with love overcoming all in the end. Best wishes Joanne, I miss chatting with you at chorus. Hope we will get back to that sometime not too long from now.


  2. Congratulations to everyone! Best wishes for much happiness ❤️


    • Thank you, both. I hope you are keeping yourselves appropriately isolated and safe, as are we. This wedding wasn’t what she had planned but It was a beautiful reminder of the power of love and hope in the future. Stay well!


  3. What a wonderful description. Thanks for sharing! Made my day!
    Congratulations to the happy couple.


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