The Reawakening

Winter’s veil is ever surely lifting 
from top-iced, frozen birdbath in my yard,
Crackling, melting, straining wavelets shifting,
While finches perch like sentries standing guard.

Perhaps it’s spring thawed days for which I long,
For balmy breezes wafting o’er my face,
To wake once more to robin’s sparkle song,
Presaging shining morns of dew-dropped lace.

Reflections on my pond of budding blooms,
Tips of dogwood frame the mourning doves
soft chanting; nature’s symphony resumed,
Beyond, the blue-sky backdrop hangs above.

Complex simplicity – how can it be,
A tiny birdbath so inspires me.

photo Friday: #detail


4 Comments on “The Reawakening

  1. Joanne, this sonnet if perfect. All the signs of spring fill the reader with hope. Your photo is very, very onteresting. I love the reflected branches.


    • Thank you, Alice. During this forced sabbatical, I’m going to try to post more regularly. Thanks for your comment…I hope all is well with you. 🙂


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